Night and Day

Amanda knew the behavior her son Danny was exhibiting wasn’t really him!

Name: Danny, Age: Almost 5

Chief complaints: tantrums, aggressiveness, night terrors, decreased peer interaction, loss of verbal expression


Amanda knew the behavior her son Danny was exhibiting wasn’t really him! Something had gone majorly wrong and he was acting very much out of character.


After a fairly typical start in life Danny started changing at about age 3. At that time he was having severe asthma attacks and an asthma specialist they consulted put him on various meds – primarily Singulair and Advair. These meds caused major side effects for Danny. He began to hallucinate, became irritable, aggressive and had tantrums several times a day. He also had night terrors and wasn’t sleeping well.


“We felt like Danny just wasn’t in his right mind,” said Amanda. “The asthma specialist insisted the problems weren’t caused by the medications but I felt certain they had triggered his decline.”


Amanda began doing research on the Internet and came across Dr. Amy Davis’ name. She checked out the Crossing Back to Health Web site and decided it was worth a try to see if Dr. Davis could help. That was shortly after Danny’s 4th birthday.


Last November Amanda and her husband Brad took Danny in for a two-and-a-half hour evaluation with Dr. Davis, who asked many questions about family history, symptoms and chronology. Then using her advanced computer testing she was able to pinpoint specific problems that needed to be addressed, such as the fact that he was not processing things well at all. The family had the option of having lab testing, including stool, urine and hair analyses and decided to give that a try as well.


“Everything the computer testing had shown was confirmed with the lab tests,” Amanda said, “which gave me great confidence in the whole process.”


Her confidence received its next boost when Amanda saw the results of Dr. Davis’ suggestions – that Danny reduce the amount of sugar in his diet and eliminate any foods with dyes, mono sodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives and processed white/wheat flour. Danny was able, however, to eat whole grains, dairy and soy. And he was put on a regimen of nutritional and herbal supplements, as well as homeopathic drops.


Within a week of their visit with Dr. Davis, Danny began to communicate; over the course of the next few months his tantrums decreased to once a week, aggressiveness subsided, and night terrors ended. Danny’s preschool teachers noted a huge improvement in his behavior, his communication skills with peers and his more affectionate demeanor.


During Danny’s March visit Dr. Davis addressed sensory issues. Again using computer testing she determined that he had visual and tactile sensitivities that caused him to become defensive. Sounds and smells also bothered him and caused him to have tantrums. The testing pointed out problem areas and supplements that could correct them. Within a few weeks they noticed huge positive changes in his sensory processing that translated to better overall functioning. And, in the process of all that, Danny’s asthma issues that had precipitated this calamity became less severe.


“Before we saw Dr. Davis I was constantly on edge,” Amanda said. “I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep trying to help Danny when we had no results. I had lost my son and I was depressed and felt hopeless. I can only imagine how bad he must have felt.”


Now Amanda feels she has her son back – the happy little boy who got temporarily lost in a sea of the wrong prescription drugs. She and Brad have fun, family times with Danny and his little sister..


“We can enjoy our family once again,” said Amanda. “Our work with Dr. Davis has changed all our lives.”