Dr. Amy Davis

Background and Education

With more than twenty-five years in medical practice, I have experience and training in traditional and non-traditional fields of medicine.

I understand both sides of the fence and am able to draw from both Western and Eastern methods to create unique treatment approaches for my patients.  This allows me to develop true solutions for my patients that are comprehensive, natural, safe and highly effective.  I have developed a patent pending method for evaluation and treatment of metabolism allowing for the identification and treatment of patient medical issues in a highly specific manner, using only what is needed to support the body.  My groundbreaking approach is comprehensive and provides the basis for true healing.   When you come to Crossing Back to Health, you receive a leading edge treatment strategy that has proven to be highly effective for many of my patients. You can read more about my inspirations here.

Education and Training


  • I graduated with honors from University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine and completed my internship at UMC.
  • I was a local, regional and national representative to AAMC – Association of American Medical Colleges involved in lobbying efforts on behalf of medical students.
  • My Internal Medicine residency was successfully completed at University of Alabama–Birmingham and I was Board Certified with my first testing effort.
  • After completing my training, I developed one of the first hospitalist programs in the country at UAB Hospital.
  • I then moved to St. Louis and was in traditional private practice as a Board Certified Internist for 5 years.
  • I have attended many non-traditional conferences and training sessions including Medical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Natural hormone replacement, Bio-energetic testing and treatments, Food Allergy identification and treatment, Bio-medical Treatment of Autism, courses in the use of homeopathic, herbals, detoxification and more…



  • Hospitalist at UAB Hospital in Birmingham Alabama.
  • Private Internal Medicine practice with Mercy Medical Group – St. Louis, Missouri – I  was chairperson for patient education for 130 physician practices.
  • Crossing Back to Health Opened in the Fall of 2004, with an emphasis on Functional Medicine
  • Since opening Crossing Back to Health, I have continued to expand my expertise in a variety of nontraditional approaches including the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders, Nutritional analysis and Foundational Nutrition, Allergies – both food and environmental, detoxification, emotional balancing, Herbal and Homeopathic treatments.
  • Appointed to Missouri Blue Ribbon Panel on Autism and testified at Senate Hearings for Autism for Biomedical intervention
  • Medical Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Local, State and National Lecturer in the field of Autism, Foundational Medicine, Foundational Nutrition, Emotional Balancing, Detoxification and Health