Produce Cheat Sheet – Know When to Buy Organic!

Get the most Bang for your Buck when Buying Organic. Consumer Reports –  Very helpful Cheat Sheet for pesticide residues in produce. Find out here:

The Secrets of Food Marketing

Watch this video and learn the secrets of Food Marketing We are continually sold an image of how our food is raised and how great products are.  The speaker in this video is actually an actress named Kate Miles, but … Continued

20 Minutes of yoga for beginners

20 Minutes a day – Yoga video for beginners! Are you stressed out?  Infexible? Tired?  Distracted?  Try Yoga for beginners – 20 minute video so you can start at home on your schedule.  Take the challenge and try it out. … Continued

Drug-Resistant Bacteria Spreads Around the World

“Threatening the achievement of modern medicine” because of the growing resistance and rise of super bugs. We have solutions – We almost never need to use antibiotics because we are successful with the use of herbals that are antibacterial / … Continued