A problem with motor planning for speech.

Most of us take speech for granted because most of us just develop it naturally.  The brain and the muscles involved in speech that control the lips, tongue, palate and jaw need to coordinate in order for us to produce the sounds needed to talk.  Sometimes for children the brain has difficulty communicating the planning steps needed for speech to happen as it should.

Symptoms that are characteristic of Apraxia are:

  • Difficulty moving smoothly from one sound, syllable or word to another.
  • Abnormal movements of the lips, tongue, and jaw to make the correct speech sounds.
  • Distorted vowel sounds
  • Using the wrong stress in a word
  • Putting a pause between  syllables that doesn’t belong
  • Inconsistent errors when trying to say the same word
  • Difficulty imitating simple words.
  • Errors like saying “up” instead of down, “zoo” instead of Sue.

Apraxia is commonly seen in children who have Autism or other developmental delays.  We have been successful with our program in supporting children and helping them overcome apraxia.  Nutrition and detoxification are very important to support the healing necessary for apraxia to improve and normal speech patterns to become established.  Check out our program.