Where Do I Start?

Initially that’s the biggest dilemma for most parents trying to figure out what to do to help their child.

A “lets wait and see how they develop” mentality can leave parents on their own trying to figure out where to start to help their child.

One thing must be absolutely clear – time is of the essence. The earlier children are supported with nutrition, the more impact it has. Waiting allows the child’s health issues to compound in complexity and developmental impacts.

I have treated thousands of children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays. Here are my suggestions of where you can begin right now.

  1. Clean up the diet.  The SAD (standard American diet) will not provide the nutrients needed for health and, further, continues to add toxic substances that need to be removed.
  • Remove Food Additives
  • Reduce sugars – look for hidden sugar and high fructose corn syrup
  • Read about food sensitivities 
  • Remove offending foods – e.g. gluten, casein, soy, GMO’s
  • Go Organic if at all possible
  • GREENS – sneak them in and if children won’t eat them or – support them with a green supplement

When dietary changes are made early the body has the best possible chance of obtaining nutrients needed for healing. Get started now and make an appointment so we can assist you further on the journey back to health.