Energizing Antioxidant Smoothie

Energizing Antioxidant Smoothie.
Perfect for Energy, Detoxification and Weight Loss

Recipe and Benefits:

Makes 48 ounces – enough for 2-4 people

  • 1 cup crushed ice – fill to 2 cups with water
  • Cucumber ½ small – cools and flushes out toxins, energizes, boosts immunity
  • Celery 1 stalk – reduces inflammation, calming, pH balancing, cholesterol reducing
  • Broccoli crowns 1 cup – reduces inflammation, powerful antioxidant, heart health, diet aid
  • Kale 1 large fresh leaf or 1-2 cups chopped – detoxification, increases metabolism and supports sugar levels, liver health, bone health, cancer prevention, heart health, eye health
  • Dandelion leaves ½ cup – liver health and detoxification
  • Green Apple ½ with peel – rich in minerals (iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium), prevention of Alzheimer’s and Diabetes
  • Strawberries 1 cup of fresh or frozen – helps burn stored fat, boosts short term memory, anti-aging, heart health
  • Red raspberries 1 cup of fresh or frozen – helps with weight loss (improves metabolic rate and feeling of fullness), reduces wrinkles and prevents macular degeneration
  • Blueberries 1 cup of fresh or frozen – potent antioxidant, immune builder, anti-aging, aids in reducing belly fat, promotes urinary tract health
  • Lemon ½ juice – boosts immunity, prevents infections and digestion, breaks fevers, helps to remove excess fluids, high blood pressure, calming for mind and body
  • Lemon peel 2 fine slices – sore throats, flu, colds,

Use organic if at all possible.
Jump start your energy and health each morning!



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