Functional Medicine in Creve Couer and St. Louis


Regain Control with Functional Medicine in Creve Coeur and St Louis Surrounding Areas

Over the last few decades, being healthy has become more of a challenge than a habit. Modern life has changed dramatically and the speed at which it moves means we do not always have enough time to worry about our bodies. It can be very easy to adopt habits that will have negative consequences in the future but it is hard to be aware of how they can affect us. In many cases, patients will only seek medical advice when they start feeling poorly but that is the least effective way to recover our health.

We have become accustomed to relying on drugs that offer quick solutions to our symptoms but doctors rarely take the time to see beyond that. Most physicians only look at our symptoms without considering our individual circumstances. After all, each human being is unique and that, combined with our lifestyles, will affect our bodies in different ways. Seeking Functional Medicine in Creve Coeur and the St. Louis area is the only way to get a personalized assessment that will deeply heal you.

Functional Medicine in Creve Coeur and St Louis

Functional medicine does not focus on the symptoms but rather on the individual. Suffering from chronic pain, fatigue, headache, sleep issues, eczema, or brain fog is exhausting so it is understandable that people look for quick fixes. However, those superficial solutions will never deal with the origins of the malady. Patients that have turned to Functional Medicine in the Creve Coeur and St. Louis area have seen massive improvements on their overall condition.

Crossing Back to Health is a highly respected practice led by Dr. Amy Davis M.D.. She has combined her medical training with her own research to give people searching for Functional Medicine in Creve Coeur and the St Louis surrounding areas a new perspective. Dr. Davis M.D. analyses each patient’s background taking into account their nutrition, lifestyle, genetics and functional labs. All of that information allows her to develop a unique treatment for each individual. The results speak for themselves: patients have achieved a true sense of balance between their mind and bodies and they have finally said goodbye to chronic pain and discomfort.

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