Functional Medicine in Kirkwood


The world now moves at a very fast pace and that has resonated in every aspect of our lives. Unfortunately, this means that we have adopted habits that can be harmful in the long run. One of them is the fact that we do not pay enough attention to our bodies until we start feeling adverse symptoms. This can seriously affect our health as it is important to look after all of our organs continually and not only when things start going wrong.

Crossing Back to Health’s Mission for Functional Medicine for Kirkwood and St. Louis

Modern medicine puts a lot of emphasis on the symptoms and the drugs to treat them and not on the patient’s individuality and lifestyle. This is of great significance because each patient is different and requires attention that focuses on them as unique individuals. Crossing Back to Health provides Functional Medicine for Kirkwood and the surrounding St. Louis area because we understand this and that is why many patients are seeking answers through Functional Medicine.

Patients now see continuous improvement in their health because Functional Medicine identifies the underlying causes that may be responsible for symptoms. Chronic symptoms (such as pain, headaches, fatigue, sleep problems, eczema, brain fog, etc.) are only the tip of the iceberg and it is crucial to find out what is at the root of the problem. That is exactly what Functional Medicine has set out to do.

The Purpose of Pursuing Functional Medicine in Kirkwood and St. Louis

The purpose of pursuing Functional Medicine in Kirkwood and surrounding areas is to consider each patient’s unique background and how it has affected their health. It is only through this type of analysis that Dr. Amy Davis M.D. can find the most effective treatment. We cannot expect a standard treatment to work on genetically unique individuals who have led very different lives. Only a comprehensive assessment that includes nutrition, lifestyle, genetics, and functional labs can show how to achieve a balance between mind and body to truly heal ourselves. After all, this is the key to living longer and better lives. Dr. Davis M.D. knows this and she has made every effort to help countless patients throughout the years. Thanks to Functional Medicine, Kirkwood and greater St. Louis residents can now restore their health at Crossing Back to Health.

Functional Medicine in St Louis