Functional Medicine in St Louis


We may not realize it until it is too late, but our health is precious. There are many things in life we take for granted and, unfortunately, a healthy lifestyle is not always a high priority. It is easy to understand this if we think about how hectic our lives can be. Our desire for the quick fix and immediate gratification has also permeated into the practice of medicine.

Most health professionals look at the fastest way to alleviate symptoms using prescription medications which may not be the best long-term solution. This is where Functional Medicine in St Louis is different. Crossing Back to Health uses an approach which goes beyond the superficial symptoms, instead focusing on the underlying causes that create them.

Functional medicine in St Louis by Dr. Amy Davis M.D. treats patients as individuals. This means that there is a personalized approach, unlike other practices where one treatment is expected to work on people with very different backgrounds. After all, we are all unique and our bodies require support that is specific to our needs. A thorough assessment that considers lifestyle factors is essential if we truly want to be healthy.

Many people now know that Functional Medicine in St Louis emphasizes a healthy lifestyle which promotes healing from within. Mind body spirit practices are also an integral part of finding a healthy balance and reduce stress. Stress negatively impacts the body and interferes with optimal health. Learning to reduce stress is an important practice component of the Functional Medicine approach.

Dr. Amy Davis M.D. is a pioneer of Functional Medicine in St Louis as well as a leader in her field. Her own life experience has shaped her vision as a health professional. Through the years, she has impacted many lives and has helped restore health in her patients who were previously frustrated with the lack of answers. She can help you too.

Functional Medicine in St Louis