Virtual Visits with the Zyto

A Biocommunication System that provides significant insight into your body

Zyto Virtual Clinic

Virtual Clinic Evaluations are also available through a web connection which enables treatment without necessitating leaving your home. This amazing technology has helped to reduce the cost of travel for many. With the virtual clinic you can connect with one our practitioners through the internet and receive a Zyto evaluation regardless of where you are, opening up amazing possibilities for you and your family. Registration is simple, and all you need is a high-speed internet connection, a non MAC computer and a ZYTO Hand Cradle. We will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.

So how does Zyto work?

The human body is incredible.  Basic life functions like growing, developing and healing happen on a subconscious level using a network of internal communication systems.  This communication is constantly working to help the body achieve and maintain a state of balance.  For more information click here to watch a video:  How the Zyto Works Video   To learn more click here for a printed explanation:  The Zyto Scan – How it Works
Zyto virtual visits help Crossing Back to Health Patients!
When the body becomes overwhelmed and cannot balance itself, it will exhibit outward symptoms.  In essence this is your body’s way of asking for help.  What if you could eavesdrop and discover the care, the nutrition, and the help that your body would react positively to? If you could communicate with your body, what would it say?

The Zyto Biocommunication System provides significant insight into your body. It is an FDA registered Class II medical device.

ZYTO scans are a stimulus-response exchange between the computer and your body.  Zyto proprietary technology reads subtle changes in the electrical properties of your skin, changes that you’re not consciously aware of.  We call this biocommunication.  During biocommunication, Zyto technology will send your body a sequence of computer signals  and record your response to each.  It is like we’re asking your body questions and recording its answers (data). The ZYTO system is a screening or scanning device, much like an MRI or a “Lie Detector” testing machine, which measures and records the body’s responses to a variety of inputs or stressors. Information gathered in this way can help you be more proactive about your health and help you and your healthcare provider make better decisions regarding your healthcare. ZYTO scans do not diagnose or recommend treatments, they simply provide information that requires interpretation by a qualified healthcare professional as a component of clinical evaluation, diagnosis and the subsequent development of an appropriate treatment plan.

One application of biocommunication is to uncover which possible interventions your body responds most positively to.  These positive responses are called your biological preference.  Biological preference can provide powerful insights and help you make better decisions about your health, your nutrition, and which nutritional supplements you take.  There are many available options, the key is to discover what will produce the most effective results for your body.  Imagine what you could do if you were providing your body what it needs to stay balanced.  Does your body know what it needs?  Maybe you just need to ask.

At Crossing Back to Health we are highly skilled in the use of the Zyto and have custom programmed thousands of possible test items  into our Zyto Library system which allows us to evaluate you in a way that is uniquely specific to our clinic.


Request for a Zyto Hand Cradle

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