Meet The Team

Office Manager


Anne Dresh

Patient Coordinator & Information Specialist

“More and more, people want to take responsibility for their own health. At Crossing Back to Health, they find the resources and the support to do that. Here they see a light at the end of the tunnel,” “They come here, having gone through difficult times, and leave with hope. We watch them go from hopeless to hopeful as they realize, and then experience, how Dr. Davis can help them.”

Supporting Staff


Wendy Fritz

Reception, Scheduling, Supplement Store Manager

Crossing Back to Health helps with all manner of Digestive and Allergy Problems.

“One of the things that I love about Crossing Back to health is everyone is so passionate about what they are doing.” "It’s so rewarding to see patients get better.”

Supporting Staff

lisa ducan picture

Lisa Duncan

Client Office Phlebotomist

Crossing Back to Health helps with all manner of Digestive and Allergy Problems.

“As an experienced Phlebotomist working at Crossing Back to Health has been the most rewarding job for me. I enjoy interacting with the staff, patients and love working in an environment where the patients are top priority and making progress!”

Supporting Staff

Carla Bush pic

Carla Bush

“I enjoy coming to work at Crossing Back to Health! It is wonderful to see the difference in patient’s countenance after their appointment. Not only are they commenting on the sense of relief they are feeling but the hope they now have found. Whenever they call the office or as they are checking out after an appointment, I am hearing how they are progressing. I love it whenever they tell me how their lives are changing for the better since they have been coming to see Dr. Davis.”