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Health Coaching from Stacy Gellman

Studies show that 95% of the population will not make a change just by someone telling them that they need too, even if it’s life or death. People tend to cycle up and down the stages of changes. That’s where Stacy comes in. As a health coach, Stacy works with people in a supportive, open, and judgment-free partnership to maximize their potential.  You and Stacy will discuss your goals and co-create a plan for achieving your goals.  Goals can be physical, mental/emotional, and/or spiritual based.  Some examples of areas you can focus on include stress reduction, personal development, nutrition, exercise/movement, sleep/relaxation, and spiritual growth.

Stacy has heard health coaching described as follows:  You’ve decided to climb a mountain and you need help creating a strategy for success.  With Stacy as your coach, we can meet to brainstorm what paths may be good to take, what potential obstacles you may face, what supplies you will need, and what may block you from climbing the mountain and getting to the top.  Additionally, Stacy is someone you can check in with for accountability and to help adjust your plan as needed so you can achieve your goals.

Stacy will work with you in whatever way is helpful to you.  It can range from diving in to create a completely new and healthy way to live or a quick 15-minute accountability phone call to help you carry out your plan.

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