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Dr. Amy Davis, MD

I combine my training and practice experience in traditional Internal Medicine with nontraditional and complementary medicine to offer you the best of both worlds. My background and training provides me with a wide variety of treatment options to choose from that are not generally available at the majority of traditional medical practices. This has enabled my patients to effectively relieve their symptoms and efficiently optimize their health.


With more than twenty-five years in medical practice, I have experience and training in traditional and non-traditional fields of medicine.

I understand both sides of the fence and am able to draw from both Western and Eastern methods to create unique treatment approaches for my patients. This allows me to develop true solutions for my patients that are comprehensive, natural, safe and highly effective. I have developed a patent pending method for evaluation and treatment of metabolism allowing for the identification and treatment of patient medical issues in a highly specific manner, using only what is needed to support the body. My groundbreaking approach is comprehensive and provides the basis for true healing. When you come to Crossing Back to Health, you receive a leading edge treatment strategy that has proven to be highly effective for many of my patients. You can read more about my inspirations here.

Dr. Davis’ Inspiration

What inspired me to embrace Functional Medicine?

I believe in health. I went into medicine to help and heal my patients. In my private practice as an Internist, I found that many people were commonly frustrated with chronic and annoying symptoms like fatigue, “brain fog”, depression, muscle aches, poor sleep, gastrointestinal symptoms, headaches, and so on, which adversely impacted their quality of life, daily functioning and health. There weren’t good answers for them.

The typical labs weren’t helpful in making a diagnosis. Pharmaceuticals fell short of resolving the problems, though they could be helpful in reducing the symptoms. I felt inadequate as a doctor despite being a highly trained and board certified Internal Medicine Physician. Clearly, something was missing in my training and that something was impeding my ability to help and heal my patients.

I believe in families. I became a mom, and being a mother changes you forever. My son, Alex, was developmentally delayed and eventually diagnosed with severe Intellectual Disability and Autism.  He changed my life and my perspective, and for that I will always be grateful.

During the early days of his life, as I sought to help and heal my own child, I was offered therapy and antipsychotic medications to sedate him, but no one addressed the many medical challenges that were impacting him – some of which were the worst I had seen in my entire career. That was very disappointing and frustrating for me.

I realized if I was to help my son with his challenges I would have to look at healing in a new and different way. That changed the course of my professional career. I began to read books and attend conferences that were more holistic. I considered how nutrition and vitamin supplements might help. These are often referred to as “essential” for our health, so their role in improving health shouldn’t be underestimated.

And, as it turns out, they are a very powerful tool that was missing in my previous medical tool box. I continued to learn and gradually added more and more tools (herbals, homeopathic, detoxification, biomedical, acupuncture, bio-energetic healing) that I could use to help my son and my patients at Crossing Back to Health. The more I learned the more effective the treatments became with improved health outcomes for my son and my patients.

My daughter was adopted from China at 11 months of age. She was given 6 vaccines prior to leaving China and 6 more (repeats of the ones she just received because my doctor told me she couldn’t trust the ones from China) upon arrival in the United States. Yes, that’s 12 vaccines in 3 days.

Oh, and she had a blood lead level of 38 at the time. (For reference, anything over 10 is considered toxic) That’s when she stopped saying words and trying to talk. From what I learned through my journey with Al, I was able to support Libby’s body naturally and successfully detoxified her body through Functional Medicine. I am grateful that she is happy and healthy today.

I believe it is important in life to take the struggles you are given, figure out what you are supposed to learn from them, and then create solutions so we contribute to making our world a better place. If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem.

My particular set of life challenges inspired and guided me to develop a unique method that has proven to be a highly effective treatment strategy. In my clinic, this approach to healing anf the use of functional medicine has resulted in a remarkable return to health for many patients as well as recovery of many children with autism.

I continue to search for healthy alternatives for standard treatments in the quest for real solutions to improve the health and well-being of my patients.

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