Every 8 seconds a child is diagnosed with Autism

I “live the dream” so to speak. My son, Alexander, was a stressed baby born to a teenage mother with no prenatal care for the first 20 weeks of her pregnancy. He was developmentally delayed and eventually diagnosed with severe Intellectual Disability and Autism. He changed my life and my perspective regarding the practice of medicine. Because I share this difficult journey with you I know that there is no time to waste when it comes to treating Autism. The earlier the better. Children with Autism have complex medical, nutritional and toxic challenges. They do not just “grow out of Autism” but they can and do recover.

One thing must be absolutely clear – time is of the essence.   Parents CAN NOT wait idly by while their children’s health issues compound in complexity and developmental impacts. Parents must act – they must do something NOW.

I have treated thousands of children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delays and the answer is the same for almost everyone.