Energy Levels

A Functional Medicine Perspective

Energy drives all biologic activity. It exists within individual atoms and molecules, is a key part of cellular physiology which in turn impacts organs, systems and whole-body functioning. Energy defines the entire biosphere.

The last 20 years have brought an increased understanding about mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) functioning; genetic and epigenetic vulnerabilities have been discovered; new findings on the impacts of toxicity in our environment on energy production; and the relationship between dysfunction in energy production and numerous clinical conditions have been detailed.

Energy regulation involves the production, utilization, maintenance, and regeneration of cellular energy potential—that is, the effort of the body to keep a positive balance of energy reserves to meet present and future demands.

Through detailed evaluation of the energy systems, including the impact of oxidative stress, nutritional functioning, lifestyle choices, we can determine the factors that aggravate or interrupt the energy restoration process, and apply corrective interventions as appropriate to the specific condition. Those with fatigue, depression, headache, sensory issues and autism spectrum disorders can all be helped through these methods. A functional medicine approach can also apply evidence-based modalities to address pain and restore appropriate functioning.
Functional medicine requires a true partnership between the physician and the patient. I look forward to working with you to achieve an outcome of health with positive energy.

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