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There are a great deal of things which women specifically go through and we can help provide some relief.

Fatigue and exhaustion, Boost Your Energy Naturally!

  • “Fatigue” is the most common complaint that I hear from patients. It can vary from tired to full blown exhaustion often accompanied by poor endurance, brain fog and irritability. The challenge is that it can come from so many potential sources.By breaking down the potential causes it also leads you to effective solutions. Here are some of the common causes of fatigue that can be easily corrected.
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  1. Diet – Processed foods, sugar, carbs and grains can all contribute.

    The solution is straight forward. Stay away from the middle part of the grocery store where the processed foods are at. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits and limit your carbs and grains. Reduce sugars!

    Make a green smoothie each day. Greens are high in B-Vitamins which are critical for energy production. It will give you a quick boost of energy and as a bonus supports detoxification.

  2. Poor digestion – This is a very common problem today.

    When there are not enough digestive enzymes and bile present to efficiently digest your food to the simplest particles, you cannot produce adequate energy. Symptoms of poor digestion may include: bloating, heartburn, bad breath, loose stools, constipation, food craving and weight gain in the mid-section.   There are many good professional grade digestive enzymes available today. I use a variety of them in my practice gearing my choice to the specific symptoms that are present.

  3. Dysbiosis (imbalanced intestinal flora)

    The micro-environment of the small intestines is very complex and contains beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria and yeast. There are influences that positively and negatively impact whether the flora is healthy or not. The negative influences include antibiotics, poor digestion, poor fiber intake and sugar.   Probiotics (Promoting life) are healthy bacteria. To support healthy flora you may benefit from digestive enzymes (starves the bad guys), probiotic supplements (supports good guys), and fiber (food source for healthy flora). This will help to tilt the scales towards a healthy gut.

  4. Sleep – not enough or poor quality.

    Natural agents that can be helpful for sleep include: Melatonin, 5-HTP which helps to calm and improves sleep. By gently supporting serotonin sleep and mood improves. Passion flower, chamomile, valerian, lavender are botanicals that can be effective. There are many products sold that contain these as a blend.


Hormone Imbalance

Many women have decided to not take hormone replacement for their symptoms before and during menopause. Breast cancer rates are very high and there is concern about the potential risks of hormone replacement . There are natural solutions to reduce the symptoms associated with menopause that can be very effective.

Pre-Pregnancy Planning

Today we are continually exposed to a very high toxic chemical burden through our environment and through the Standard American Diet. There are two studies that have been done that tested newborn umbilical cord blood for 300 industrial toxins. Here is the link: http://www.ewg.org/research/body-burden-pollution-newborns Tests showed 287 industrial chemicals in 10 newborn babies. The pollutants include consumer product ingredients, banned industrial chemicals and pesticides, and waste byproducts.

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“Chemical exposure in the womb or during infancy can be dramatically more harmful than exposures later in life. Substantial scientific evidence demonstrates that children face amplified risks from their body burden of pollution.”

Where do these come from? Clearly the newborn has been “safe” in the womb of the mother during development, so they must be coming from the mother.

I believe it is important for the health of a baby to be in the most pristine and healthy environment possible in order to have the maximum potential as their life begins. That being said it is important for young women considering pregnancy to make sure that they are in the best possible state of health prior to getting pregnant. That will maximize the infants chance of healthy development in utero.

We want to help make sure that your health is in the best possible place to support and nourish your baby.


Insomnia – Not getting enough sleep?

Insomnia is very common in women over the age of 45. Temporary sleep disturbances are normal. When it occurs regularly it becomes more problematic. As women approach menopause sleep begins to get lighter and hot flashes frequently occur, which can also disrupt sleep. You may feel exhausted, irritable and moody, forgetful, have difficulty concentrating, react slowly, have dark circles under your eyes and even feel depressed. There are natural solutions for helping with sleep problems for women. We can help.

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