Beyond Intervention

What’s a mom to do when she’s tried everything she can think of and nothing works?


Name: Zack, Age: Almost 4

Chief Complaints: “Toddler’s diarrhea” and speech delay


What’s a mom to do when she’s tried everything she can think of and nothing works? That’s what Zack’s mom, Christine, was faced with when she couldn’t find a way to get Zack’s diarrhea to stop. “He seemed to do OK for the first 14 months of his life when I nursed him,” she recalled. “But then the diarrhea began.”


At first Christine figured Zack must be lactose intolerant so she quit giving him any milk products. Although it helped a bit, the problem was far from solved. She read books, looked up information on the Internet, worked with her pediatrician, even took him to a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist. Zack had stool analyses, blood tests and was put on probiotics. Still no resolution to the problem.


Then Christine heard of Dr. Amy Davis from a relative who had had a very positive experience with her autistic child and decided to give Dr. Davis a try.


For their first visit Christine and her son Zack saw Dr. Davis’ nurse, Linda Murphy, and things immediately began to change. Linda suggested that they limit Zack’s gluten although whole wheat products in moderation were OK. Sugar, except for a limited amount of cane sugar or honey, was eliminated, as were preservatives, food dies and MSG. To supplement his system, Zack was given Omega 3s, enzymes, a multivitamin and some minerals.


It turns out that many things in Zack’s body were just not working together and some foods that he couldn’t process were backing up in his system and even causing toxicity in his brain. With making the initial changes the diarrhea issue ceased, leaving Christine and her husband Eric feeling a tremendous sense of relief.


But Christine knew there were other things that were just not right with Zack. At 3 he wasn’t speaking at all, except to scream “Mom” when things weren’t going well for him. Zack had been participating in an Early Intervention speech program and had occupational therapy as well. He’d made some progress but not enough, according to his mom.


So, for his next appointment, Zack saw Dr. Davis who supported the many things Christine had done with her son, modified some and, with her advanced computer testing, was able to pinpoint other issues. Although Christine didn’t fully understand the process and its findings, she learned that Zack’s methyl pathways were off, which left him unable to process either foods or information. Ammonia was forming and settling in his body.


Using homeopathics such as Liver Tone and drainage supplements as part of a detox program, Zack is making great progress. “When his body functions better he’s able to learn better,” said Christine. “What Dr. Davis did made it easier for the occupational and speech therapists to do their work with him.”


Today Christine and Eric can hardly believe the changes in their son. He goes to Pre-K for 2 ½ hours a day and while he’d still rather play by himself he does interact with the other children. And his speech is 100 percent better. He went from saying nothing to recently commenting to his mom, “I’ve been thinking about the fruit snacks you said I could have so I washed my hands.”


Christine’s first reaction was, “Who is this kid anyway?”


Then she remembered . . . and felt very grateful for all Dr. Davis did for them, adding, “There may be no real way to PROVE that what Dr. Davis does works, but it DOES!!!