Digestive Stress

Take the Quiz – Digestive Stress – How do you rate?

  1. Do you bloat, burp or have a sour stomach after you eat?
  2. Do you have heartburn after eating a fatty meal?
  3. Do you feel stuffed after eating and have food just sit in your stomach?
  4. Do you crave carbohydrates or sweets?
  5. Do you get yeast infections?
  6. Do you avoid certain foods that you may have eaten in past?
  7. Do you have eczema?
  8. Is your energy low?
  9. Do you have achy joints at times?
  10. Is your breath bad or sour frequently?
  11. Are you gassy?
  12. Do you have times with unexpected diarrhea?
  13. Do you see undigested food in your stools?
  14. Do you get constipated?
  15. Do you feel you have “brain fog” or forgetfulness?
  16. Are you over 50?
  17. Do you get headaches or migraine headaches?
  18. Are you taking antacids or acid blocking medication? (e.g. Prilosec)
  19. Is your stress level high?
  20. Do you have trouble sleeping?

Each “Yes” answer equals a one.   Sometimes is ½ point

Total your score: _____________                              


Suggestions based on your score:

1 – 2        Digestion is probably NOT a major concern.

3 – 6        Many of your health issues may be related to poor digestion and your ability to breakdown your food. You may benefit from taking digestive enzymes and/or probiotics, determining if you have food allergies or intolerances.

7 +            Your digestive system needs attention.  Your digestive system may be contributing to many other health problems.  A full evaluation may be helpful for you to start feeling better.