Listen To Your Gut!

5 Gut Instincts You Should Never Ignore When people say they’re “listening to their gut,” they really mean that their intuition is guiding them in making a decision. We all have this innate ability to listen to that inner voice … Continued

Raspberry Vinaigrette Recipe

Summer Salads and Rasberry Vinaigrette just go together! Here’s the Recipe:

Produce Cheat Sheet – Know When to Buy Organic!

Get the most Bang for your Buck when Buying Organic. Consumer Reports –  Very helpful Cheat Sheet for pesticide residues in produce. Find out here:

Buying Eggs – What Do the Terms Mean?

Cage Free vs Free Range vs Pasture Raised Who knew there were so many terms? This short film will explain.

Apple peeling made easy

Apple peeling idea you need to see to believe! Click to view:

Herbs of Interest – Olive Leaf

Olive leaf benefits the immune system and circulation.  This is one of my favorite herbs because of it is so helpful as an antimicrobial.  The benefits include: Antimicrobial – antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial Antioxidant – reduces free radical damage Heart – … Continued

Herbs of Interest – Lavender

Lavender – Lavendula angustifolia Gentle and safe – Lavender has been used for centuries with no reported side effects or drug interactions. Calms and relaxes Promotes sleep Improves tension headaches helpful for fatigue and exhaustion A gentle tonic for the … Continued