Nip it in the Bud! – Stop Spring Allergy Symptoms



Spring brings new growth.  Pollens emerge with the first signs of spring as the trees begin to bud.  This continues throughout the spring and summer with flowers, shrubs, grass and weeds.  Lots of rain creates damp conditions and molds flourish.


Typical Allergy Symptoms: 

1.    Itchy,  watery eyes & sneezing

2.    Congestion, runny nose & post nasal drip

3.    Cough & wheezing

4.    Sinus headaches

5.    Dark circles under the eyes


Practical Suggestions:

1.    Keep windows closed

2.    Reduce sugar intake which worsen allergy symptoms

3.    Shower and wash hair daily to cleanse pollens away

4.    Reduce your stress level – Your immune system will thank you.


Natural Supplements That can Help:

  • Natural D-Hist  or D-Hist Jr  – natural antihistamines for adults and children

  • Aller-Tox II – homeopathic that soothes and desensitizes affected areas

  • Sinus-Tone – homeopathic support for the sinuses

  • Drainage Milieu – gentle homeopathic drainage remedy for sinus and immune support

  • Allerdrain – homeopathic drainage remedy for allergy symptoms

  • Sambucus Intrinsic – herbal support helps with congestion and watery eyes


These are my personal favorites which I use for myself, my family and have used on many patients with great results.

Have a Healthy Spring!


Dr. Amy Davis M.D.


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